Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Welcome to Songwriter Magazine.

Hello. My name is Len Latimer, and I founded Songwriter Magazine and published the first issue in October, 1975. These candid and frank interviews with some of the world’s top songwriters, music publishers and producers, are classic stories of huge successes in the songwriting business. Writers from Jimmy Webb to Sammy Cahn were happy to share their views and advice with you, their fellow songwriter.

Although much of the technology in the music business has changed, such as using CD’s instead of cassettes, the principles and underlying business concepts and music and lyric craft you will learn in these interviews are priceless. Some of the writers, such as John Lennon, Sammy Cahn, and Henry Mancinni, are sadly no longer with us, while others, such as the Doobie Brothers’ Michael Mcdonald, Barry Manilow and Burt Bacharach are still making music and are as popular now as they were those many years ago.

You’ll get answers to such question from how to best voice chords to how to shake off a writer slump, from how to make it in the music to sticking to your guns when times get tough. Managing editor Paul Baratta and I asked the questions you would ask, as if you were there.

Many of our interviews lasted an entire day, so you’ll find some really in-depth information. Others, like Paul Anka, started at an L.A. studio listening to Paul record part of a new album. He then limoed us to a small airport and wisked us away to Vegas on his private Lear Jet. He actually put us up for the night so we could continue interviewing him the next day.

Bottom line is, the “Songwriter Magazine Interviews” are exhausted, in-depth interviews like you’ve never read before. Nothing like them has ever existed before or since. These back issues are “must reading” whether you are an aspiring songwriter or a jaded, seasoned pro. Do yourself a favor and read these back issue Ebooks! You’ll laugh – be inspired – and learn “inside” secrets about the business, art, and craft of songwriting – from some of the biggest songwriters who ever made it in the business business!

I'm initially releasing these 12 selective issues and I'll be adding more that 40 issues over the next few months. So, be sure to sign up for the free tips newsletter, and I'll let you know when they are released.


Len Latimer, Founder/Publisher

The founding members of ASCAP in the Irving Berlin Issue

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Burt Bacharach Issue


Clive Davis interview in the Irving Berlin Issue


 Country music publisher, Cliffe Stone, in the Jim Weatherly issue



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